Business Leaders Network (BLN) events are known for attracting high quality audiences across the technology sector.  We help our partners develop events that generate business for them and networks for their clients.

‘It’s so rare that I can have an interesting conversation with any person next to me at a networking event’

We hear this from sponsors and delegates a great deal. It frustrates us. A good networking event puts the humanity back into business and should be one of the most efficient ways of promoting your company. It’s an opportunity to raise your profile, hone your pitch, make meaningful new connections, and provide a great service for existing prospects.

Business Leaders Network was started by Mark Littlewood in 2007 after sheer irritation at the lack of genuinely valuable networking events in the UK. The vast majority of events were, and still are, swamped with advisers and people too junior to make decisions.

Then there were the talks. If you were lucky you would be subjected to a really dull panel; if you were unlucky it would be a sales pitch from a sponsor.

Do you share our frustration? Get in touch.

BLN events bring together successful entrepreneurs, top tier investors and corporate decision makers to meet with peers and learn about how to improve their business. We address topics that are timely and relevant – no future gazing, no time wasting and no sales pitches.

Sponsors use BLN events to position themselves as supporters of the tech community, to get the message out about their expertise or offers in the area, to deepen relationships with existing customers or prospects or to build new relationships. We understand how to make networking work for you: talk to us to get some ideas of how an event would support your business

What makes BLN events great?

Audience and content.

We work hard to ensure the right people attend our events:

  • 49% are leaders of high growth technology businesses
  • 24% are active investors from angel, VC and PE firms
  • 21% are decision makers from large organisations – retailers, media businesses, financial service providers etc.
  • 5% are premium advisers – banks, corporate finance, lawyers, accountants etc.

We make sure that participants can speak and buy on behalf of their organisations. At a recent BLN event at which 146 people attended:

  • 50% were Chairmen, CEOs, Founders, Managing Directors, Partners
  • 23% were Directors, Heads of Department, Principles
  • 27% were Managers and Associates

If you are interested in meeting with these – and other – people you can do business with, please get in touch with Mark Littlewood (mark@thebln.com). We would love to talk.