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How To Launch Successful Products in 12 Hours

Mikael Runhem – Founder, Pergite Software

Business of Software UK 2014

Drawing on Mikael’s ridiculously expensive (self-funded) education as an entrepreneur working on both startups and grownup entrepreneurial businesses, he will share his ’12 hour’ method for launching a new product onto the market that starts where most people end, with a product brochure.

Experience has shown this helps keeps everyone involved in the development of a new idea on the same track, allows you to test, validate, iterate and stop working on products that will fail early (i.e. waste resources).

Listen to Mikael if you want new methods to build and test your products fast and thoroughly, and to reduce your exposure to duff ideas.

Quote from the Work Experience Boy Upon watching the video: “Mikael proves that his house is probably cooler than yours, (although it took 60 men YEARS to build) and some other stuff to do with launching a product lightning fast, but his house is totally the coolest part.”


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