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Have We Leaned Too Far: The Review

Steve Johnson – Founder, Under 10 Consulting

Business of Software US 2014

Steve Johnson worries about the technical direction product management has taken since the agile movement began.

With Scrum and Lean, it seems that product managers have become business analysts, and the business aspects of product management suffer. In fact, the success of agile development methods has had a detrimental effect on product management. With today’s emphasis on Lean Startup and growth hacking (which are cool but don’t really apply to everybody), Steve will consider how the best practices for established companies and products have evolved. What is today’s profile for product management success? Agile methods are great but the intense focus on product development has ignored the business and marketing roles of product management. Product management activities extend beyond development to shepherding the product through the entire process from idea to creation to delivery to customers.

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