Know any amazing upcoming web retailers?

Trusty Darren has put together an incredible line up of people for our dinner in London on May 6th including some of the most experienced web retail pioneers operating at the moment including founders/CEOs/Chairs from MyDeco, GlassesDirect,, Koodos and other great names you will have heard of.

Our discussion dinners are not big – less than 20 guests – as this keeps conversation flowing and meaningful and the atmosphere intimate. Entrepreneurs to attend as our guests, a few selected investors get to pay.

We would love to hear from a couple of entrepreneurs who are building great web retail businesses that would like to talk and network with some others who have done, and are doing, just that.

Drop us a line if you are interested or wanted to recommend someone, we are trying harder to be easier to track down!

This discussion dinner would not happen without ongoing support from:

3 responses to “Know any amazing upcoming web retailers?”

  1. Oleg says:

    Would SpeedSell ( fit the bill? They’re not a retailer per se, but do have an interesting take on things. I can put you in touch with George if you want.

    • Thanks Oleg, good thought although I think we have something more relevant to him in a month or so. Smart guy – I met George a year or so ago. Done a lot since.

  2. Peter Dawe says:


    I have a really innovative solution to the home delivery problem (Out when the delivery arrives). I am looking for a partner to take it forward

    Web retailers might be one of them, especially if they have perishable of valuable goods.