Seeking SaaS CRM invoicing & accounts for SMEs

Can anyone recommend a good integrated CRM, invoicing, accounts package for SMEs?

We are often asked the question and are moving our own systems over too so would appreciate any thoughts. Looks like Kashflow, Pearl and Salesforce are principle contenders at the moment but would be keen to pick other brains.

I have tried to avoid SaaS solutions up to now simply because they have not offered offline versions and I travel a fair amount but the time has come to move.

Drop us a line directly or leave a comment below to share.

4 responses to “Seeking SaaS CRM invoicing & accounts for SMEs”

  1. @coverton the CRM tip: we’ve gone with Highrise from @37signals: very very impressed thus far.

  2. @MarkLittlewood check out @javelincrm which integrates with @KashFlow and @TeamXero for invoicing and accounting.

  3. @roninapp @MarkLittlewood give us a try at

  4. Check out and