What Luke Johnson wants from a CFO

Great piece in the FT today from the ever insightful Luke Johnson about the importance of CFOs in entrepreneurial organisations. He looks for dependable, properly qualified people who will be the backbone of a management team.

Timely article for us as we have been running an informal network of public, venture and private equity backed CFOs up in Cambridge for the past six months. Some high calibre individuals in the group and an unusual bunch in some ways – at our last meeting it transpired that over half the attendees had raised money in the previous 6 months. No mean feat in today’s market.

Turns out that one of the things that CFOs want to know in our group is what the best CEOs want from a CFO. We will be running a Breakfast Brainstorm around this very subject on 8th July in Cambridge and are still open to including some additional participants. Serial entrepreneur and CEO Alex van Someren will be offering the perspective of a CEO who has founded and floated two businesses, so he knows a thing or two about growing organisations.

Contact us if you are running the finance function in a business that is either public, PE, VC backed or has revenues of over £5 million and we would love to see you as our guest. Click here for some more background.

3 responses to “What Luke Johnson wants from a CFO”

  1. Jens says:

    This is so funny.

    When I clicked on the hyperlink, the FT wouldn’t show me the article in full. I then clicked on Luke Johnson as a columnist (in left side pane), selected this article from the list of his articles and … presto: full article visible.

  2. Good tip. I will amend the link accordingly. The FT and FT.com seems to have an especially obnoxious and unhelpful approach to sharing news. I will try never to link to it again.

  3. And here is the link. Brilliantly & conveniently situated just 6 clicks into the FT.com site.