Getting even with big corporates can be fun. Helps if you can sing.

Ever felt badly treated by a company and then completely unable to get satisfaction or recompense? It is often said that one of the key values of social media is to offer the little people a chance to make their voices heard. Jeff Jarvis has carved a piece of his career out of complaining about Dell but this is generally the exception not the rule.

I have found that generally, if people feel badly treated and want to go to enough effort, they can find ways to get their point across. Somehow though, going to the hassle of setting up a website like just because they are, feels a bit obsessive.

Or so I thought until I saw this which made me laugh. Sons of Maxwell are a band who flew United Airlines in Spring 2008. This video put onto YouTube on Monday and already has had over 500,000 views. It explains the story and cheered us up at the same time. I am glad they went to all that trouble, made their point and I hope they sell some records too.

Enjoy, ‘United breaks guitars’.

UPDATE: This was the follow up from Dave Carroll, the singer after United got in contact with him as the song went viral.

Update October. You know you have made an impact when 6,000,000 views later you actually have a good, ‘Hitler finds out…’ video.