Britain’s most influential Twitter users revealed. Oh dear.

The Daily Telegraph has published a list of the UK’s most influential Twitter users that was produced by INQ Mobile. (Influence is not defined but presumably is a calculation based on number of followers, ratio of followers to followed and amount of activity).  Of course it includes Pete Cashmore and Stephen Fry but it does say something interesting about the medium and who is using it. there is also a sense of humour at work here. I was entertained by the fact that there are a number of ‘Entertainers’ although there seems to be a second category for ‘McFly Band Member’.


We live is a strange world where two of the top five UK Twitter users are from McFly.

The top 20 most influential people on Twitter are (apparently):

1. Pete Cashmore, CEO at Mashable

2. Stephen Fry, Entertainer

3. Russell Brand, Entertainer

4. Dougie Poytner, McFly band member

5. Tom Fletcher, McFly band member

6. Eddie Izzard, Entertainer

7. Zee M Kane, Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web

8. Jonathan Ross, Entertainer

9. Richard Bacon, DJ and presenter

10. Peter Andre, Singer/Celebrity

11. Andy Murray, Sportsman

12. Calvin Harris, Musician

13. Suzi Perry, Gadget show presenter

14. Sarah Brown, Prime Minister’s wife

15. Imogen Heap, Musician

16. Ian Poulter, Sportsman

17. Tom Watson, MP

18. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

19. Darren Bent, Sportsman

20. Steven Gerrard, Sportsman

For all Twitter’s promise of allowing people to have a voice, it seems that for the most part, the people who are getting the most attention don’t have to have a huge amount to say but they need to be well known. Steven Gerrard makes number 20 on the list. He has tweeted 13 times in all. He follows two accounts (both Liverpool Football Club). He has over 50,000 followers.

This is his total influential output:

Havent been on for a while been busy.. hope to have some new updates for you soon.. Thank you and keep following..

  • 6:46 PM Sep 18th from web

Thanks to all that are following, I view twitter as my gateway to the fans.. especially liverpool fans.. cheers everyone..

  • 7:06 PM Jul 16th from web

Other news. glen is a great bloke and a great player he should really sure up our defence for next season.. thanks to all and keep following

  • 6:13 PM Jul 16th from web

I hoped we would try and take a chance on him.. but the gafa wouldnt have it.. it would have been good to train with him again..

  • 6:10 PM Jul 16th from web

Havent been on for a while, cant wait for the season to start…. wish michael all the best with his move to united..

  • 6:09 PM Jul 16th from web

Is enjoying having some time off….

  • 10:27 PM Jun 14th from web

Great result midweek the lads and i were so happy to get one over on madrid after all the rubbish they were saying about our style of play.

  • 9:39 AM Mar 12th from web

The season is not over yet….

  • 4:34 PM Mar 3rd from web

Hello I was glad to make my return the other night, Tweaked my hamstring a bit so had to come off, Guted with the result. we can do better!

  • 4:33 PM Mar 3rd from web

Sorry haven been on for ages concentrating on coming back from injury, thanks for following guys…

  • 10:53 AM Feb 27th from web

Thinking about the england lads tonight, wish i was with them.. Going to be sat at home watching the game with the mrs… come on england…

  • 4:34 PM Feb 11th from web

Relaxing today hoping for some progess with the hamstring…

  • 1:23 PM Feb 9th from web

Im at home, thinking about how close the game was today…. Is pleased we got the result today… hoping to be back in action soon…

  • 11:05 PM Feb 7th from web

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2 responses to “Britain’s most influential Twitter users revealed. Oh dear.”

  1. Tim Ferris says:

    Not so much playing the full 90 mins, more the odd intervention off the subs’ bench.

  2. Martin Terson says:

    Hilarious. Maybe someone could persuade Wayne Rooney to share his thoughts too.

    Just goes to show that for all the uses for Twitter, it does run the risk of becoming a big celebrity spam endorsement machine.