Should this man pay more for an airline seat?


Picture allegedly taken by flight crew

Not sure if this picture is genuine but it has sparked a big debate about whether ‘big boned’ people should pay more for their airfares. It does look like he could be sat in the two empty seats behind him – unless there are children sitting on those seats.

8 responses to “Should this man pay more for an airline seat?”

  1. anon says:

    The man next to him should certainly be required to pay LESS.

  2. anon2 says:

    That dude has some *really* big bones. Yes, he should pay for at least two seats. Theres a good chance that no-one else can exit the row expeditiously if he’s sitting on the aisle either.

    I know that brings up other issues – if you can’t get off the plane when it’s going down without reasonable assistance, should you be allowed to fly at all? Should you have to sign a waiver that says people don’t have to come after you if it would take too many people to get you off the plan?

  3. Mace Moneta says:

    It depends on the pricing structure.

    If the airline charges by the cubic inch of volume or weight, then yes he should pay more. However, last I checked, the pricing structure was based on a “seat”, an abstract quantity. By the current measure, they should install adequate seating for his comfort.

    However, the airlines currently treat passengers as freight / livestock, so switching to cubic inch or weight would better reflect reality.

  4. ricardo says:

    He should pay double (or charge him a SSR (special seat request). He’s taking two places, the airline is not making money from that. Is like when you carry a baby, you pay for him.

  5. xtine says:

    Ha! I’d like to see how they get the food and beverage cart past him.

  6. still hungry says:

    One question: Think the plane ran out of seat belt extenders? Also, it looks like he is sitting on the armrest. For his sake, lets hope the flight was short… other wise he would have one major wedgie and pain in the butt (literally).

    @xtine: Carefully. And probably using all of the butter packets from the first class meals with bread & butter.

    @anon: Agreed. Or got a voucher at the end of the flight for a free flight… in first class… around the world.

  7. I was once the fat kid says:

    He’s (or it) is flying on American Airlines. Which brings up the point that only American Airlines would sell someone like this a ticket just to, quite literally “fill a seat.”

  8. Rohan says:

    Everyone should get charged a basic rate to reserve a seat. This rate would cover taxes, charges and a nominal fee from the airline. At the airport, as part of the checking in process, everyone is weighed with all of their items and luggage and the total cost of the ticket is calculated based on that.

    This solution, while presenting all sorts of logistical issues for the airline, addresses the following:

    1) fat people

    2) people who try to avoid paying charges for checking in by carrying everything onto the plane and using up all of the overhead luggage space

    3) people who buy the year’s booze and cigarettes in duty free and use up all the overhead luggage space

    4) people who can’t seem to be able to travel without every item of clothing they, or their neighbours, have ever bought.