The art of the pitch, ignored.

Quite amused to receive this in my LinkedIn email this morning. Seems to break about every rule of successful pitching I have ever heard of.  The company is based in Canada and the site is in fact a holding page).

“Was wondering if you want to invest in my company You can invest any ammount you can. I only ask this because i have millions of ideas and would like to get started on the updates of my site. I did all i could do with the funds i had. Now i need an angel investor.

“I also have another idea where people get free vacation where people post there house in other parts of the world and either switch another person for their home in another company or let the person stay there for free while they go somewhere else and all they have to do is water and cut the lawn.”

Is this the world’s worst elevator pitch?

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3 responses to “The art of the pitch, ignored.”

  1. PECynic says:

    I was once offered in the good old days of First Tuesday the opportunity to hear an elevator pitch that would be given over a four hour meeting that required us to sign NDAs prior to sitting down.

    No idea what it was.

  2. Richard B says:

    I think the same person tried to get my assistant to set up an afternoon – whole afternoon – meeting with me and refused to give out the name of the company they were from other than to say that I would be jumping at the opportunity.

    Sent me a hand written letter afterwards telling me what a stuck up idiot of a PA I had and that she was solely responsible for me missing out on his opportunity. She earned a rise.

  3. Andy Small says:

    Hi Mark – i’ve got a whole back catalogue that would give this one a run for its money. Investment in a ‘Rat Shooting’ centre in Tenerife anyone?!