The dawn of mass personalised manufacturing? You got it.

Lots has been written about personalised manufacturing over the years – the notion that companies will deliver every consumer exactly what they want at point of purchase. While it may be some time before you can purchase a Coca Cola from a vending machine that delivers the flavour combination, sweetness, size (dose?) of Coke that you want at that point, one company has made a virtue of their ability to deliver exactly what a customer wants.

As long as you don’t mind grotty meat in a burger bun, Burger King makes much of the consumer’s ability to choose extra mayo, no mustard or gherkin, extra ‘salad’ etc. Their latest marketing wheeze in the US takes this idea a step further. When customers order a burger, they have their photograph taken at the till. The photo is printed onto the burger wrapper and you are handed a personalised burger with a personalised wrap.

Clever. Not only does it underline the personalisation of the product and makes people smile, it may even make people smarten up a bit and could even reduce litter.

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