BLN Growth Forum 2010, 15th July 2010

  • Want to grow a big business?
  • Want to learn from some extraordinary entrepreneurs who have created over $10 billion of value from zero?
  • Want to meet some of the people that funded those business to make it happen?

The first BLN One Day Growth Forum will be held on July 15th, 2010. This one day forum has been designed for CEOs, owner managers, chairs, founders & senior executives in growth businesses as well as the VC, PE and institutional investors that fund growth enterprises. This is a one day forum to think, talk and learn about growing your business.

We think:

  • You attend events to meet others that can help your business grow and to get insights from others you respect.
  • Entrepreneurs and CEOs want to be challenged, to share practical ideas that help their organisations thrive in the future.
  • You don’t want a long-winded, waffle-filled event where you don’t get a chance to meet the people you want to because the room is over-filled with the wrong people.

We were so excited about this event we built a separate website!

2 responses to “BLN Growth Forum 2010, 15th July 2010”

  1. MSJ says:

    Another great BLN Event – just look at the line-up! Worth putting in the Diary – Cambridge isn’t as far as you think!

  2. Too right! Cambridge is actually less than 1 hour from Oxford Circus which means that I can get there faster than I could to Hammersmith (though what I would be doing going to Hammersmith is anybody’s business). 🙂