The iPad this, the iPad that. Blah blah. But, ‘Will it blend?’ Oh yes!

Life would have been much quieter this weekend if Apple had not launched their new iPad. Great they have a new product out and all but I cannot help feeling a little bored with the hype and excitement. Yes it will change some people’s lives. Yes it is probably quite cool. Yes it is likely to improve the owner’s social, sex and personal lives in one fell swoop. Some people will hate it and everyone has to have an opinion on it. Whoopy do.

The iPad is the latest in a long line of Apple products that has been hyped, not just by the company, but by its ever growing base of Fanboyz to the point where it is guaranteed to be a huge, best selling, success. The iPad is the product of one of the greatest corporate marketing machines of the modern age.

And now, the unstoppable force of the Apple marketing machine has bumped into the immovable object that is Blendtec.Tom Dickson at Blendtec was up early to queue for one at some Apple store or another and has come up with the best iPad guerilla marketing so far.

Will it blend? The iPad version…

There is not an Apple product that Blendtec has not been able to blend yet. Steve Jobs is said to be working on an iBlender proof version to be released in June.

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One response to “The iPad this, the iPad that. Blah blah. But, ‘Will it blend?’ Oh yes!”

  1. MSJ says:

    Wonder what the prompted awareness for BlendTec is now………and what folk think of the toughness of construction?

    Have to hand it to them for originality!!