Save £500 by asking the $10 billion question

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Much mirth at BLN Towers this morning as Cambridge Evening News run a great piece on the BLN Growth Forum, ‘Ask a question’ competition. A nice page in the Business Section. Sadly it has been illustrated with a picture of me that the editor, Jenny Chapman, must have conned out of my mother. Nice to see me looking so young, if not jaundiced.

Cambridge Evening News Growth Forum Full Page

The good looking chap in the cravat on the right is Hermann Hauser, founder of Acorn Computers (and ARM, Virata, Solexa, Plastic Logic,  the Olivetti Research Laboratory etc etc).

Cambridge Evening News Growth Forum

To read the full article, you can view it here.

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5 responses to “Save £500 by asking the $10 billion question”

  1. Martin Jones says:

    Is it better to sell to the US through a Canadian subsidiary or to have a separate US subsidiary? (We are not looking for investors as we are highly profitable, cash generative). We are delivering a web-based service and support is offshore.

  2. CS says:

    Why would you not invest in my company?

  3. CoFounder says:

    What should I do about a co-founder who is not pulling their weight in the business? We have almost equal shares in the business and are coming up to our first venture funding round but she has lost interest and drive. We both have shares and she now expects options on top but is not actually even engaged more than half time in the company.

  4. Richard Martin says:

    Richard Longdon (or others with a view) please.

    We have been going for 7 years in UK and grown business to £5 million TO and profit but have reached as far into UK market as we can without growing further. Our potential customers are split almost equally between US, Europe and Asia.

    We are looking at opening our first foreign office and want to understand the decision making process we should take to decide on Asia or US.

  5. @KnowledgePeers #$10bn Will the UK ever have a decent share of world-beating companies if it remains every entrepreneur’s dream to sell up?

    Good question though fear you may be ineligible as you should be there already!