What do you want to know about the Future of Games?

We have some pretty awesome people from the world of Games coming to our BLN discussion dinner tomorrow to talk about the future of games and gaming, emerging business models for games companies, the gamification of everything and what games and gaming can learn from social media, publishing and the emerging device evolution.

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I have got lots of questions to ask of our panel but wanted to solicit the extraordinary wisdom of our distinguished readership (you and a somewhat puzzling 15,000 others a month), to see what you wanted to know? So what would you like to ask of our guests? Or what point would you like them to discuss?

Prize for the best question will be recognition in a forthcoming blog write up AND a ticket to our forthcoming one day BLN Growth Forum to be held on July 15th. (We want everybody that comes to this event to come with a burning question about their business that we can try to help solve on the day so the ability to ask smart questions is highly prized!).

The participants in tomorrow’s Future of Games discussion are CEOs, founders, chairs or significant investors from the following companies.

  • Advent
  • Atomico
  • BDO
  • Blue Duck Education
  • Eidos
  • Fidelity Growth Partners
  • Games Investor Consulting
  • Gameware Development
  • Gresham Private Equity
  • IGA Worldwide
  • Jagex Games Studio
  • London Venture Partners
  • MediaTonic
  • Mind Candy
  • Namaste
  • Picklive
  • Playfire
  • Playground
  • Realtime Worlds
  • Revolution Software
  • SCi
  • Square Enix
  • TeePeeGames
  • Zong

What would you like to know from them and what can you teach them?

This event is made possible thanks to the awesome, excellent and ongoing support of BDO and Kleinwort Benson Private Bank.

If you have a spare 25 minutes, why not watch this video of someone scoring over 1,000,000 points in Williams Defender? When I was a lad, this was THE FUTURE!

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2 responses to “What do you want to know about the Future of Games?”

  1. Mike Tapper says:

    Whatever happened to IGA? Advertising was the future of games not so long ago.

  2. Ed Bartlett says:

    Still here Mike. Sadly a global recession never helps advertisers to experiment with new media, but the fundamentals are still strong and we’ll be profitable this calendar year.