Shit rolls uphill

One of the key takeaways from Jana Eggers’ talk about building great teams at our recent BLN Growth Forum was that being the boss was not an excuse to push problems down into the organisation. She summarised this perfectly with the phrase, ‘Shit rolls uphill’. It made a big impact on a number of people on the day.

I was incredibly touched, and chuffed, to receive an intriguing package in the post this morning. Inside was a very kind an inspiring note and this awesome T-shirt.

For the first time in 40 years I actually feel like a boss!

Shit Rolls Uphill

Thank you so much Jana and Spreadshirt. If you don’t already know Spreadshirt, you are missing out on the best way to make a point in public without having to take your clothes off.

2 responses to “Shit rolls uphill”

  1. Patjila says:

    Hi, have read the article and that indeed is a great way to summarise and inspiring! Mind you I’m not a boss but have experienced some bosses ofcourse.

    Only a few are really good ones and it seems you have joined the club of the goodies which I think Jana belongs to as well 🙂

    Regards Patjila

  2. Jana certainly does!