Business of Software 2010 summarised in 140 words

BOS2010 is awesome. Anyone taking part is very lucky. Its an incredibly well organised family. People arrive with open minds and the intent of talking, listening and learning. Participants are a special group. The speakers extraordinary. Any one of them would be the kind of keynote that people would talk about for years to come.

Content was extraordinarily dense – boom! Light-bulb moment. Boom! They kept coming.

I decided to blog each session. Stupid! For most events this would involve a paragraph a session. But it became a passion…

Lots of different presenting styles, different experiences, but everybody ended up, organically, saying the same things:

  • Only play if you’re really passionate about something.
  • Decide how you can inspire passion about your business – customers, workers, investors, the press.
  • Passion will make you different.
  • Its OK to be passionate about sales.

Thanks @NeilDavidson

4 responses to “Business of Software 2010 summarised in 140 words”

  1. Mark – these summaries are incredible … I didn’t take ANY notes because I just wanted to drink in the experience (what a conference!) – but I was beginning to regret not being able to remember key points from each of the speakers. Thanks to you, I’ll always be able to jog my memory by returning to these posts! What a deal!

    Great meeting you and hanging out with you. Hope to see you soon.



    • Patrick,

      Great to meet you too and really pleased you found the summaries helpful. To be honest, I am not much of a note taker but I set myself a challenge. Was most entertained to be asked to go to another conference (at their expense!) to deliver the same – maybe NaaS (Notes as a Service) offers a possible alternative career!
      Been enjoying your podcast and sorry we didn’t get a chance to to do something at BOS. Maybe we should set something up around a review of BOS?

      All the best,

      Mark Littlewood

  2. Adrian says:

    Fantastic summaries….will use these notes to cross reference my own. Kick ass job man!