Organised Notes & Index of Business of Software 2010 Talks

I thought this might be a useful quick index of each of the sessions from Business of Software 2010, with a link to some further reading. If you would like to buy books, I have given you a link to do so through Amazon. I have an affiliate account with them and will donate any proceeds to sponsoring our ByteNight sleepout on October 8th in Aid of Action for Children. You can of course buy them in lots of other places.

Seth Godin:

David Russo: LinkedIn

Dharmesh Shah:

Eric Ries:

Scott Farqhuhar:

Jason Cohen:

Paul Kenny:

  • Talk: Engaging Dialogue
  • Twitter Takeaway: Don’t rely on sales people for sales – you have the Founder’s Advantage.  No one can match your experiences.

Rob Walling:

Peldi Guilizzoni:

Mark Stephens:

Eric Sink:

Youngme Moon:

Dan Bricklin:

Derek Sivers:

Joel Spolsky:

Having taken and blogged more notes in three days at the Business of Software Conference this week in Boston than I did in all my time in college, it has been really nice to get so much kind feedback from event participants, real and virtual. As I tried to get the blog published before the clapping had died down at the end of the session, (I knew that if I hadn’t they would just get added to the endless to do pile that is my life), the notes aren’t as organised as they might be. they still aren’t much more organised but at least you can access them from one blog post instead of scrolling through the blog.

I would love to hear your views on key lessons from the event. Thanks.

15 responses to “Organised Notes & Index of Business of Software 2010 Talks”

  1. markee says:

    Something that struck me was the ‘technical simplicity’ of the presentations and the power of them. You don’t need lots of clever effects, fancy transitions and bullet points to do a really amazing talk… Joel’s talk had a much more candid and gripping feel because he just sat and talked to his audience.

  2. This is a good summary of the Business of Software Zeitgiest from Greg Kilwein.

  3. Nick Swan says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the notes. I really loved the conference last year but couldn’t attend this year so really appreciate these

  4. Anyone know where the slides to all the talks might live?

  5. Patrick Foley writes good notes but seems to think I am a writer…

  6. Valerie Bejenuta says:

    Mark, great summarys. Would you cover our event in London on 18th October? How can I contact you? My direct line is +32 26 43 36 83.

  7. Steve Wilkinson at Cornerstone Technology has a really nice, human, take on BOS2010:

  8. Valerie,

    Thanks for reaching out. I am already attending an event on 18th October in London so this probably won’t work. You can contact me directly at mark @

  9. Thanks so much for your summaries, Mark – and very nice meeting you. Helped me remember what I wanted to say in my wrap-up:

  10. Given that you wrote everything down, you seem like a writer to me, Mark. 🙂

  11. Rob Walling’s slides can be viewed at:

    Well worth a look.

  12. Patrick, (patio11) gave the winning Lightning Talk this year and has a great, considered, write up of Business of Software post event here:

  13. Shonta Budesa says:

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