Short guide to Ducks, Golden Ducks & Royal Pairs.

Pride comes before a fall and all that but with the news from Down Under this morning, it looks like it is shaping to be a good Ashes Series. I must admit I didn’t know what a King Pair was.

Who knew there were so many ducks in cricket? Are there any more?

  • Duck – out without scoring
  • Golden Duck – out first ball faced
  • Silver Duck – out second ball faced
  • Bronze Duck – out third ball faced
  • Diamond Duck – out without facing a ball (usually run out though you could also get stumped off a wide which would be really embarrassing – has this ever happened in Test cricket?)
  • Platinum Duck/Royal Duck – out first ball of an innings
  • Pair – out without scoring in both innings of a two inning match
  • Royal Pair/King’s Pair – out first ball faced in both innings of a two inning match
  • Bombay Duck – tasty dried fish starter seen much less frequently in Indian restaurants these days. Why?

Enough about ducks, here is a fabulous frog joke (a shaggy frog story even) told by some Australian cricket commentators that I ahve always wanted to have an excuse to share: frog-joke_at-the-cricket. When and if we win our next Ashes Test, I want to post my otherAustralian radio joke.

2 responses to “Short guide to Ducks, Golden Ducks & Royal Pairs.”

  1. Rob Hudson says:

    Diamond Duck is often used when a batsmen is out first ball of an innings.

  2. There do seem to be a few frayed edges around the definitions. Wisden should probably publish a definitive list…