BLN, Boston and the Business of Software

I wrote recently about the conference I most enjoyed attending last year – Business of Software.

I have known the organiser, Neil Davidson, for many years. Neil’s day job is running Red Gate Software which he and his co founder Simon Galbraith are continuing to build to ever greater  heights. I got talking to him after the event in Boston. He wasn’t sure whether he had the time to manage BoS as both it and Red Gate took off. He wasn’t sure if he was going to run it again as he wasn’t sure if he had the time to dedicate to it and didn’t want to compromise on the quality. I sympathised completely but felt it would be almost criminal for such an important event to just disappear.

The upshot is…

We are delighted that we have agreed to work with Neil on the management and development of the conference from 2011. He, and the Business of Software community have created and built an extraordinary thing. We don’t want to change a winning formula – quality people from sustainable software businesses from around the world come to meet their peers, exchange ideas and listen to amazing speakers.

We do want to be build on the success of the past four events and find ways of sharing the knowledge and expertise of the participants at this special event with a wider audience. Check in at and register for conference updates. We will be reaching out to previous attendees for thoughts on things we can do to build on the event in the future. Please talk to us!  Tickets will be on sale from mid February.

I want to take a moment to say a huge, ‘Thank you’, to Neil, on behalf of everyone that has been involved in Business of Software in the past. You have inspired, and will continue to inspire, a tribe. Thank you for an extraordinary opportunity.

The event will be held in Boston between October 24th-26th 2011 at the World Trade Center.

2 responses to “BLN, Boston and the Business of Software”

  1. Fantastic news, Mark! I’m sure that this will take both BoS and BLN to the next level. 🙂

  2. Marine says:

    These are very good news. The Business of software is a great conference I recommend highly to young entrepreneurs, as it covers all the aspects of the business (dev, sales, mkt and design) in a very friendly atmosphere. I attended twice, and it was always a source of good inspiration!