GroupOn! Why don’t you just GroupOff?

I have tried to unsubscribe from GroupOn now five times. There are only so many offers to have my legs waxed that I can pass up – especially when the ‘deals’ are suspiciously priced – the ‘discounts’ seem to be calculated as a percentage off a price that is way above the price you can pay going direct in many cases. I only signed up as I was curious about what was on offer. Now I know, I don’t need to get another offer for fish-powered pedicures, anal bleaching or the latest craze in homeopathic massage.

It isn’t that surprising that they are growing so fast though. This is the unsubscribe page I am directed to.

GroupOn unsubscribe page

GroupOn unsubscribe page

So, you have bad news. Your unsubscribe function doesn’t work. The good news? I can sign up to get more crap. Nice work fellas.

2 responses to “GroupOn! Why don’t you just GroupOff?”

  1. One way I think Groupon became popular was all the talk of a buyout by Yahoo and Google.

    Looks like shady practice to me.

  2. PT says:

    Groupon is now valued at 350 USD per registered person. They would be nuts to unsubscribe you.

    Sending them 350 USD might get you off their list.