LIFT11 Startup pitches


‘Managing the end user experience on computers.’

Has tool that allows sys admin people to manage KPIs and analytics for each users. Enterprise ready – targeting enterprise sales. Says he is currentlyon 650,000 PCs in over 1,000 locations. Claiming $10/user/month sales.

BLN – not clear how they make money, who buys and why. Ran out of time.

– –

L’Avenue Digital Media

3d application to give people immersive interactivity leading to increase in memory recall.

Cool videos but not clear what it is. (I think it is technology to do 3d visualisation.)

BLN – ‘ Never been done before in Switzerland’ is probably not a really ambitious claim. Not clear what they want – ran out of time.

– –


‘Books beyond ebooks’

Nice clear statement of what the benefit is. Looking for funding to expand commercial activities, find partners and find a Chief Commercial Officer.

BLN – finished presentation! Not clear how they operate or make money.

– –


We want communication to be a commodity. A building block to the web’s first rich media universal communication system. A system to connect people across all applications.

BLN – Don’t understand what they do.

– – (In French)

Photo deals on mobile. Android and iPhone app. A mobile social network based on deals and photos. Sell stuff on their network by taking photo of it and posting, entering a barcode of a product you want to sell, search for nearby deals and photos with your friends. Expect 50% of deals and classified ads will be on mobile in 2014. Looking for funding to accelerate the growth.

Did a demo!!! Yay!

BLN – Demo made it simple to see. Really interesting idea.

– –


Online should feel just as good as shopping in the real world. You don’t want to miss a deal that is near you. ShopAlive makes it so!

Demo! Yay! Lets you navigate around a real merchant’s shop and touch on things you want with colours, sizes, prices… Up and running, being used in real life. Spent a lot of time making it easy for merchants to add content, manage promotions. Looking for more stores, more people, more funding.

BLN – Real business. Seems smart, focused, commercial.

– –


Specialist in interactive marketing. Hardware and software engineers.

  • beMerlin -Helps companies present complex products.
  • atracTable – physical tables that allow interaction from customer.
  • etc…

BLN – Cool funky things.

– –


Video processor that turns a camera into an emotion sensor. Helps marketers understand people much better than they currently can with existing solutions like customer surveys. Takes 143 measuring points on an individuals face and uses the information to work out micro expressions and understand what people are thinking in natural environments.

Online cloud-based emotion analysis software as a service.

BLN – smart technology. Curious to see how it gets to market.

– –

Golden rule of pitching. Practice, practice, practice. Finish your pitch in the time.

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