Selling IT to Morgan Stanley – the insider’s guide.

Fascinating insights from Christopher Edmonds, European CIO of Enterprise Infrastructure at the 4th European Morgan Stanley CTO Summit this morning who opens the event with some comments about why technology and innovation are important to innovation. If you are an selling to banks, ponder this…

IT represents 24% of firm’s headcount. Morgan Stanley’s preference is to purchase vendor solutions rather than develop their own.

Last 10 years has seen phenomenal change.


  • Servers – 3,807 – 64,800 (33% CAGR)
  • Storage – 300TB – 64 PB (71% CAGR)
  • PCs – 37,500 – 105,000 (11% CAGR)
  • Budget – flat.
  • Number of vendors – Doubled.
  • 🙂
Morgan Stanley IT trends, past ten years

Morgan Stanley IT trends, past ten years

The next three years will make that pace of change look quite minor…

Key 2011 Initiatives

  • Data Security Programme – shift from end-point application security to securing data across platforms, business units and geographies.
  • Data Centre Strategy – Data centres are metro centered and not as energy efficient. Long term shift to fewer, larger, more efficient facilities.
  • MSSB INtegration – Integration of largest FS integration ever. including infrastructure integration, apllication development and financial advisor front end.
  • Mobile Computing Solutions – enabling consumer devices with secure corporate content
  • Low Latency trading – high frequency low-latency trading
  • Risk, Valuation and Scenarios – Scaling intraday risk, P&L,


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