The world’s most accessible technology journalist? Robert Scoble.

I sat next to Robert Scoble at LIFT11 in Geneva last week where we blogged the conference. It is always cool and inspiring to meet someone that inspired you to do something – in my case blogging. We talked about a couple of things and spoke on Skype earlier when he got back to California. As a result he asked me to drop him an email.

Robert Scoble, LIFT11

Robert Scoble, LIFT11

I did and I was really struck at what extraordinary lengths he goes to make himself accessible. I pinged him a mail and got the following auto-reply back:

“I’m now getting emails at a level that I can’t respond to everyone.

I will make a best attempt to get back to you, especially if you are sharing world-changing technology with me.

If you are desperate please call me on my cell phone at +1-425-205-1921 (if I’m available I will pick up, if not, keep calling back until you get me).

To PR people, if you want me to cover your product you’ve got to give me more than one day warning. I do videos and I’m already scheduling out April. I don’t do press-release rewrites like other tech bloggers.

It’s best to get in touch with me at LEAST A MONTH before you launch (right now my calendar is totally booked until late-March!). To see a successful pitch, see how Flipboard pitched me (it is my favorite startup of 2010):

(Flipboard showed me what they were doing THREE MONTHS before they shipped!)

I specifically am looking for world-changing technology and startups, if you have one, please be persistent. I am often out shooting and miss cool stuff once in a while.

If you are looking for my calendar, or other items, visit which has links to all of my blogs, social media accounts, and calendars so you can see if I’m open or not.

Another way to get through to me is to talk with my producer, Rocky Barbanica. You can reach him at

Thanks and sorry if I don’t get back to you.

–Robert Scoble

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I know a lot of journalists, they are all almost without exception great company. I am not sure I know a single one who is as open as that. I think that, his workrate, his incredible enthusiasm and his support for technology entrepreneurs is one of the key reasons that Silicon Valley is the kind of place it is today. I will give him a couple of days before I start pestering the Rocman. 🙂

This is all in stark contrast to one VC who recently tweeted something along the lines of, ‘I can’t remember the last time I listened to a voicemail someone left me. I figure if it’s that important they’ll call back.’ Judging from the comments from the two people who pointed this out, even in jest, I am not sure this is the way to win friends in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We need more Scobles.

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  1. Nice tribute post : ) In a connected world how can so many with so much be disconnected? Antidote: MANY investor types told Google their idea was too small. Thankfully a few listened.