Google airs first UK TV ad – Dear Hollie

This is a special weekend for Google who aired its first television advertisement in the UK last night.

‘Dear Hollie’ is about how a father shares his memories of his daughter as she grows up. It is no great surprise that Google doesn’t push ‘search’ in the advert – instead it used the simple concept of sending emails of pictures and videos from a father to a daughter to create a bank of memories.

I normally hate, absolutely hate, that sort of schamltzy, sentimentality, but this time, I have to say I shed a little tear.

It’s also a special weekend for me as I am home alone with my daughter who will be celebrating her 8th birthday next week. I am very proud of her. Yesterday, she made some cup cakes for me, all by herself from start to finish.

Violet's Cup Cakes

Not only were they delicious, I had already sent her an email with the picture for our own memory bank.

I guess Google really does know how technology is changing lives, even in small ways.

One response to “Google airs first UK TV ad – Dear Hollie”

  1. Phil says:


    These are really special moments as a Dad

    Your daughter looks very happy

    Enjoy her birthday and the time together