There are no other founders running UK companies of Autonomy’s size in any industry.

Interesting point from David Woodward – the Lynch Legend grows… He probably is the founder running the biggest company in the FTSE 100. In fact, apart from Autonomy and WPP (Martin Sorrell), I can’t think of any.

Lynch is still the company’s USP. There are no other founders running UK companies of Autonomy’s size in any industry. The technology sector, in particular, is known for replacing founder-entrepreneurs with more experienced career chief executives on the assumption that their skills are better suited to corporate terrain. The UK tech scene is heavily populated with half-grown companies, anticipating foreign investment to take them to the next level. As investor Sherry Coutu put it at a Business Leaders Network event: “We don’t need more start-ups, we need more finish-ups.”

“Lynch agrees—and disagrees. “Look at ARM. That’s a leader. It’s world-class. There are five or six other firms that are on their way. That pipe is unblocked.” But, he adds, British technology companies could achieve a bigger footprint if they only learnt to appreciate the role of marketing. “We have wonderful technology in the UK. The best place to do R&D is the UK. But we struggle to produce businesses. Marketing is telling a story, presenting it. You almost get the idea at Cambridge that that’s cheating.” David Woodward, Director Magazine, May 2011.

Are there any other companies in the FTSE 100 that are still founder run? Glencore but that was actually founded by Marc Rich.

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