Neil Gaydon, CEO, Pace plc turning a technology business around

PACE was a reasonably successful technology company in 2006 but was probably only number 10 in the markets it operated in. It needed to become more meaningful on a global scale and embarked on a programme to grow. As a by product, revenue grew ten fold in 5 years.

Neil Gaydon, CEO Pace plc talking at the BLN Growth Forum

Its goal was to, ‘Make customers’ lives simpler’.

Pace plc at a glance

  • Strategy, structure and culture key to growing a big organisation.
  • Price is a silly thing to compete on, innovation is easily copied.
  • To turn a business into something else, you need to think about how your people are organised, what they think and what they can do.

The company has a, ‘three on’ meme against which EVERY team within the organisation from production to finance, are measured.

  • On margin
  • On time
  • On quality

Simple is the hardest thing to do, particularly in the fast-paced world of technology.

The Pace plc Organisation & culture chart

Growth of Pace plc 2006-2011

Pace plc customers 2006

Pace plc customers in 2006

Pace customers 2011

Pace plc customers 2011

Pace plc wants to position itself as the gateway to the digital home for consumers and content providers.

Pace plc growth

9 responses to “Neil Gaydon, CEO, Pace plc turning a technology business around”

  1. Nate Gee says:

    Perhaps Mr. Gaydon could kindly take a little time to explain why the share price has halved in the last four months, and how he is utilising his leadership skills to address the considerable loss of confidence in his company.

  2. Sacco Jea says:

    Do you think the City & the Shareholders , still trust him and the clowns arround him – I don’t think so – He may needs a miracle to turn things arround – Who knows – But my advise to him & his team: if you can not convince the City anymore – Pls: leave the job to someone else with more skills and with a better management experience – Finally: We have no confidence on his leadership and his team

  3. Intelligent comments welcome.

  4. Mr. X says:

    We can tell your not an investor in Pace Mark, else you’d think very differently about Neil Gaydon and his board of flops. Growth? Don’t make me laugh, his company and leadership is profit warning central.

    Another post to delete – expect you’ve deleted more posts than youve received positive ones. Try the board of ASOS, £3 to £23 in a few years, that’s how it’s done.

    Mr. X

  5. Sacco Jea says:

    Someone said:

    Pace is becoming the profit warning king of the FTSE

    (Neil Gaydon & Co: Well done & Congratulations for the PAY RISE & BONUS)

    Chief executive, Neil Gaydon, said: “Although we will not be able to make up this first half under-performance in the second half, we continue to drive long-term growth and profitability.” YOU MUST BE JOCKING

  6. Mr. X says:

    All you can say to that Sacco, is prove it Gaydon. It’s now or never.

    Needs to stop presenting growth stories and start reading a dummies guide on how not to keep delivering profit warnings.

    Mr. X

  7. Sacco Jea says:

    PIC board Failure:

    In March 2011 on the news

    Not pre warning the analysts about the delayed USA order (an important US contract had been delayed)

    Why, we do not know, may be not enough experience and skills? They are learning

    In May 2011

    Shares in the UK TV set-top box maker, Pace, have slumped 40% after the firm issued a profit warning blamed in part on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

    What a f…… joke – Blaming the Japanese earthquake


    Profit warning???????? Blamed in part ……..on the GREECE Financial Crisis

    MR Neil Gaydon said:

    “Although we will now not be able to make up this first half under-performance in the second half, we continue to drive long-term growth and profitability.”

    Good Luck MR Neil Gaydon and enjoy your salary increase

    Meanwhile shareholders are still loosing money

  8. mr gula says:

    having had some exposure to sr management for a while, reading this, it’s sometimes tough to relate to corporate presentations and marketing like this – i can tell you the inside looks different and that I think is exactly what’s reflected in the share price

  9. Sacco Jea says:

    A takeover from another decent company would be the only way to get our money back and put us out of our misery

    Honestly I do not want to hear Mr NG taking about another half under-performance in the next few days which means another profit warning