Ga Ga goes ga ga for Goo Goo. Gah!

So Lady Ga Ga the children’s entertainer, or more likely her management team, have obtained a temporary injunction against Moshi Monsters from letting their Moshi Monster character, Lady Goo Goo, release The Moshi Dance on iTunes. This is a case that has some serious implications for parody and tribute acts as the Guardian commented.

More importantly, it has thrown one section of our household into confusion.

The Moshi Pilgrimage, Shoreditch

A sad day. As my 8 year old daughter commented,

“That is really stupid. Why?”

Me, “Because she probably thinks that people will get them confused. She isn’t Lady Goo Goo. She probably thinks she will make more money by being in control of her image. She took Moshi Monsters to court and asked a Judge to stop them showing the video.”

“A judge? Do you mean Simon Growl? That is really stupid. Why would he do that?”

“A bit like Simon Growl but with a different kind of wig and different silly clothes.”

“I don’t understand. Lady Goo Goo is much better than Lady Ga Ga anyway. Do they know that Lady Goo Goo is only a cartoon? She isn’t real. Why are people so silly?”

“I don’t know. Why aren’t you dressed? You need to be in school in 5 minutes.”

Lady Ga Ga hasn’t given much away. In fact, [insert obvious poker face comment at will].

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