The Child’s Guide to Business of Software Networking (& a quick tour of the (original) Cambridge)

I don’t generally agree with child labour, unless of course those children are my own. We got talking about Daddy going to Boston.

“What are you doing there?”

“I am running a conference for people that run software businesses and they want to make their businesses better. They come and listen to really interesting people talk about how to do that.”

“Can’t they just watch them on the telly?” “I suppose so but then they don’t get to talk to each other and share ideas, work out how they can help each other.”

“Do they like doing that? Why don’t they use email?”

“Good point actually, not everyone finds it easy. Some of them are quite introverted and shy so can find it hard to talk to people they don’t know at first.”

“What is an introvert? Why don’t I give them some tips?” (The first questions is hard to explain to Violet).

I am pleased to present an 8 year old’s effort at a guide to networking. We had fun making it.

  • Tip number 1 – Talk to people.
  • Tip number 2 – Be visible & don’t hide┬ábehind technology.
  • Tip number 3 – Introduce people.
  • Tip number 4 – Be yourself &┬ábe interested in others.

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2 responses to “The Child’s Guide to Business of Software Networking (& a quick tour of the (original) Cambridge)”

  1. Cliff Brown says:

    Go Violet!!!

    I’m thinking we got a new lightning round speaker for 2012!

  2. Stephen Kellett says:

    Love the “don’t be a luuuuser” bit. Priceless.