Astonishing motivational techniques for sales people. Is this the world’s worst sales conference?

We are looking for a decent event management software solution and one of the companies we are considering is Cvent. Then I discovered this. I am not sure I could do business with a company that runs sales meeting like this. I would just be supporting their crass habit.

Watch, wonder and learn. Be appalled. Do not copy at home or in the office.

Cvent sales conference - link to working video

(Please note there have been some problems with the YouTube version of this video but fortunately it seems to be widely distributed on the web so this may link to a different version).

Some highlights:

  • Poor event management staff having to clap all the sales people as they walk into the room. Check.
  • Bullshit words coming up on screens to motivate – ‘believe’, ‘imagine success’, ‘energy’, ‘Own it’, ‘Solve’, ‘Lead’, Deliver’ etc. Check.
  • Corporate songs. Check.
  • Men with beards dressed as women as humour. Check.
  • Belief the company has really, ‘changed the game’. Check.
  • ‘Finny’ videos put together by inmates employees. Check.
  • Some amazing quotes. Check.
  • “We’re all entrepreneurs here. This is called intrapreneurs.”
  • “Just give a damn, don’t admire your shot, keep those funnels tight, if you email me I’ll forward to the team.”
  • “You know there are only a handful of companies that people correlate to. I believe that Cvent has the legs to be one of those that you will brand yourself for life as a Cventer.”

Looking for a new supplier can be challenging, especially when you have to start talking to sales people who have no idea or interest in what you do which is one of the reasons that the internet is such a wonderful thing – you often don’t need to talk to a person and any company that doesn’t get its web presence right is at a serious disadvantage as compared to those that can both get you to their site and explain what they can do or you clearly. If companies make this sort of stuff searchable on the internet, I must confess it makes me less likely to buy their stuff, not more, no matter how good their product.

When it comes to motivating salespeople. I find Gareth Cheesman is my man every time.

Anyone got any favourite sales motivation they want to share?

4 responses to “Astonishing motivational techniques for sales people. Is this the world’s worst sales conference?”

  1. Desmond says:

    hahahhah. this video is definitely lame, mark but it honestly seems like you’re a bit upset about nothing. it’s a small company letting their employees have some fun and getting them excited and proud of what they’re doing. the clapping in beginning did seem forced though…veryweird. i think it would cool to have senior staff making fools of themselves in front of me

  2. I am not upset at all. This has completely made my day, if not my week.

  3. nino says:

    video removed..anyone got a copy? 🙂

  4. rjw says:

    CVent is not a small company, 800 employees with half in india.