You got to hand it to LinkedIn, you get a better class of spam…

Poor old Sir Michael seems determined to make contact through LinkedIn. This is the fifth attempt he has made to contact me this week. Must finally be the recognition for being such a TITAN OF THE TWITTERVERSE.

Attention Dear Friend,

My Name is Sir Michael Rake,

The Chairman

BT Group PLC

London, England

I am the Chairman, BT Group PLC,

I have a business proposal which might interest you.

Its a win win situation especially for you.

Our sharing ratio will be 50-50 Should in case you are interested.

Contact me on my private email ( ) for further details.


Sir Michael Rake


BT Group PLC

London, England

Seems he is pretty persistent too from the look of his LinkedIn activity.

Sir Michael Rake, Chairman BT Group plc

I do know some people who are so technically incompetent that every time they have a new job they set up a new LinkedIn profile but you would have thought there would be a simple way of seeing this sort of identity cloning happening and stopping at source.