Best event about the business of software in the world? Bold claim!

You already know about The BLN’s activity in the UK but I want to let you know we also run one of the best events in the world for people who are serious about building great software businesses: Business of Software, Boston, October 1-3rd 2012.

This is a small, single-track, conference for people who are passionate about the process and practice of building great software businesses. We think Boston combines the best of Silicon Valley and European software entrepreneurship which is why we have made Boston our Business of Software home.

Best event about the business of software in the world? Bold claim!

Not my words though. Over 2 and a half days, you hear, in depth, from some of the world’s leading software entrepreneurs and experts about growing global software businesses – people, technology, culture, emerging trends, staying sane. Every talk is in the words of Joel Spolsky, CEO of Stack Exchange, ‘Keynote Quality’ and focuses on the process of building a great software business.

  • The best conference of the year!” Tobi Lutke, CEO, Shopify
  •  “A great experience, not just the speakers but the global connections are phenomenal.
  • My favorite conference.” Dharmesh Shah, CTO, HubSpot

The content is extraordinary – but the best thing about Business of Software is the attendees. The speakers stick around and there is plenty of, ‘whitespace’ at the event to ensure that you have the opportunity to meet and talk with peers about the challenges you face together, share ideas and learn from each other.

Speakers this year include Balsamiq Mockups founder Peldi, Smart Bear and WP Engine founder Jason Cohen, Kathy Sierra, Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Founder of HubSpot, best-selling author Daniel Pink, Stack Exchange CEO, Joel Spolsky and other brilliant doers in the industry. You can see the full line up of speakers here. See what last year’s delegates had to say here.

A maximum of 450 attendees from around the globe – we think that when it comes to conferences, bigger is rarely better – attend Business of Software Conference. If you’re interested in attending, and register by 24th August, you will save 10% on current ticket price ($700 on full ticket price) if you use the code, BLNBoS. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly