Clothing retailers do three times as much mobile advertising as electronics retailers

Millenial Media’s latest SMART report contains some interesting information about the breakdown of mobile advertising campaigns. We assumed that retailers selling technology – computers, mobile phones etc – would be one of the heaviest advertisers from the retail sector. Turns out, according to this research, that retailers selling clothes make up almost a third of the retail mobile advertising activity. Computers and electronics as a category is in 4th place after clothing, household goods and fast food.

Mobile advertising activity by sector - retail

The mix changes significantly when it comes to mobile campaigns using location-based targeting when fast food and restaurants account for 60% of activity.

Mobile advertising campaigns using location based targeting

You can download the full report here.

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One response to “Clothing retailers do three times as much mobile advertising as electronics retailers”

  1. Mark Needham says:

    Clothing retailers make gross margins which are at least double those made by electronics retailers.

    So they spend more on advertising.. not surprising really.