At the heart of the Internet of Things lies a trust revolution

Interesting article by JP Rangaswami in CIO magazine about the trust revolution that is required for the Internet of Things to have context and therefore value for consumers.

As the Internet of Things evolves, trust, becomes more important and valuable, not less.

“[Of the alerts we already get from our phones etc] Many of these alerts and messages are meaningful only when they are presented with context. The metadata of time, location, source, identity of person, identity of device all become important, and we can use that metadata to filter further. Additionally, the status messages themselves contain valuable information, which can be compared against predetermined thresholds.

“…We are going to see much more of this, as notification exchanges and clearinghouses emerge around platforms. People will build services that use platform APIs to test levels and contexts via the data, metadata and thresholds. The ecosystems that emerge around the platforms will also form part of the filtering process.

“The social networks we belong to, the communities represented, the devices used, the platforms and ecosystems they form part of, each of these is a revolution in its own right. And all these are necessary but not sufficient to deal with yet another revolution, the explosion of Big Data.” The Internet of Everything and tweeting tweetsEven with the Internet of Everything, relationships between people and the trusts that bind us together will still be relevant. CIO Magazine

In other words, there’s as much work to be done, (and opportunities for entrepreneurs), in building the platforms that provide context for the data produced by the IoT as there is in the devices themselves.


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  1. The good news is that no business has to do it all on its own, as a whole ecosystem of IoT suppliers and platforms is rapidly forming to work with companies making this transition. And as more companies go through this transition fresh light will be shed on what works, and what doesn’t, on the bold road to IoT based services.