The Internet of Things on Newsnight

Nice piece on Newsnight by Rory Cellan-Jones on the explosion of wearable technologies and what it means for consumers, companies and lawmakers.

Link to Newsnight’s coverage here.

The interview with the company that has offered its employees on a voluntary basis to become quantified selves was a little scary though. “Appirio believes that technology has the power to make employees better.”┬áLori Williams who runs the European operation of Appirio said,

“This is not just about making us better employees but better people.”

Creepy. Creepy.

The employees didn’t look like they were having much fun though. Perhaps I would feel like that if I worked in a company that could pull up information about how much sleep I have had in the past week.

The report was followed by an excellent discussion between Jeremy Paxman, Jaron Lanier and Robert Scoble on the implications for consumers. Paxman was predictable contemptuous of Scoble’s wearing of Google Glasses in the shower but the technophiles won this particular exchange.


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