Pay it forward: become an Apps for Good mentor

We’ve written before on the BLN about Apps for Good: this year’s final award evening blew us away and we’ve no doubt it’s a huge force for good in the UK today.

If you have coalface experience in building businesses then you can get involved: Apps for Good are looking for mentors for their 2013/2014 programme. In their own words:

‘Apps for Good is an open-source education movement that enables young people to create mobile, social and web apps to solve problems that matter to them. You can join the movement by becoming an Apps for Good Expert. All you need to do is to volunteer one hour of your time remotely via video call. Give an expert session and share your skills in new product development, UX design, app development, marketing, user & market insight, business modelling, public speaking or entrepreneurship. By advising students on their app ideas on your area of expertise, you will make a positive impact on their journey and get energy and inspiration from them in return. Sign up as expert volunteer today via:’

You won’t regret it.