Startup 2 for 1 tickets for Business of Software Conference Europe

Register for a 2 for 1 startup ticket for Business of Software Conference Europe here before 1st June

There are any number of events, conferences, networking groups where you can meet fellow startups and share experience. There are also lots of events where the stage is packed with celebrity speakers, panels, sponsors, people are in fancy dress and everyone has to be on ‘broadcast mode’.

Business of Software Conference is different.

One of the reasons it was recognised as the best software conference in the world for young software CEOs last year by Under 30 CEO magazine.

BoS Conference 2013 Summary from The BLN & Business of Software Conference.

A peer learning conference for 200 of the world’s leading software entrepreneurs who are building great products and great software businesses. No sponsor messages, no panels, no BS, just learning from people who care about what they do and want to get better. We believe founders need is a chance to talk about their challenges with someone who has been through something similar, found a solution and moved on to the next thing. Someone who can provide an answer, not just agreement about the pain. In other words, the chance to talk to founders and senior people from more established businesses, software companies facing the challenge of growth.

Even in Shoreditch you don’t fall over these people in the street, but they are coming in strength to Business of Software Europe. We want to make an offer to startups to get involved. This is a change for us: the typical delegate to BoS US has been from a profitable, bootstrapping business, rather than pre-revenue. But the US scene is different: there’s a higher population of successful SaaS and software businesses, and more of a culture of shared learning.

We want to build something similar in Europe so have put together two options for start ups:

STARTUP two for one ticket offer for Business of Software Conference Europe. 1) Buy one, get one free.

If you are less than two years old and pre-funding, bring two delegates from your business for the price of one. Two for one places available until end of May.

Registration here and you can keep an eye on new speakers and the schedule by checking up the Business of Software Conference Europe website.

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One response to “Startup 2 for 1 tickets for Business of Software Conference Europe”

  1. Hi there, my start-up is a few months old and we are currently going through the Ignite 100 accelerator programme.

    We’ve recently been features in the Thinking Digital Conference finals for best UK start-up and we’d love to attend this event.

    Our product is the only dashboard built especially for SaaS product teams to collect, measure & understand customer feature requests.