iPhone 4 video of Discovery launching on STS-133 from commercial plane

Business travel can get a bit boring can’t it? (OK a LOT boring). Imagine looking out of the window on a flight to see Discovery launching on its final mission. That would be quite cool. Neil Monday just did.

I once saw Comet Hale Bopp and the northern lights when flying to San Francisco. I think I would have been as excited about seeing a space shuttle launch. I wish I’d had a camera with me but to give you some idea, take a look at some of the amazing photgraphs that David Cartier Snr took in Alaska http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcartiersr/369384708/. They are not licensed for use but really worth some viewing.


This is a great sequence of the launch from the ground courtesy of that excellent gentleman, Rocky Barbanica, not only Robert Scoble’s Cameraman at Rackspace, but a total all round dude. Pleasure to have you drop over to our blog. Been a great week for visitors!

See more of his adventures at the launch here including an incredible time lapse view of the gantry retraction…

Now go and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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11 responses to “iPhone 4 video of Discovery launching on STS-133 from commercial plane”

  1. Dave butler says:


    The awesomeness of sitting in an airplane, using a mobile phone to video a spacecraft launching into orbit and sharing with everyone via the Internet. Breathtaking combination of technology. Makes me proud to be a human

  2. I think they have a 40 mile no fly zone around the launch site. Good picture of a launch being guarded by an F-15…


  3. Nate B says:

    No commercial airliner has EVER had such clear windows! They come pre-scratched from the factory, in fact there’s a steel-wool buffing machine to ensure that passengers can’t enjoy a clear view such as this. I call shenanigans!

  4. wow..!!

    That would an awesome experience.

    Thank you so much sharing such a fantastic experience.

  5. You say that Nate but the iPhone 4, and all Apple products in general, have absolutely no respect for WINDOWS of any sort whatsoever.

    Perhaps it is no surprise that you cannot see the windows.

  6. Rob says:

    What luck. Amazing video, thanks for sharing. I can not believe how quickly the shuttle surpassed the altitude of the plane. Very cool.

  7. I actually met an astronaut the other day – https://thebln.com/2011/02/i-just-met-a-space-man/ – he said it takes 8 minutes to get into space… That is quick!

    (He also said sunset lasts 21 seconds).

  8. Awesome – Amazing experience from a plane for sure

    I shot this from the press area at Kennedy’

    http://www.youtube.com/rocmanusa – Enjoy

    Thanks for sharing –


  9. John says:

    Nice one. Thanks

  10. Amature says:

    This is awesome, I’ve never seen any comets, Aurora lights, or a space shuttle launch.

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