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Should you rewrite your software? Yes! | David Heinemeier Hansson AMA Recap | Basecamp 3

The world is flat. The Four Humours. Geocentricism.

These are all examples of paradigms which have since shifted once thoughts moved on.

In a similar way to these paradigms, Joel Spolsky’s writing in the early 2000’s on shaped thinking in the software business – some could say even forming paradigms of their own.

Top of the list of all of Joel’s 1113 articles* is ‘Things you should never do, Part 1’. This article states the worst strategic mistake you could ever make is ‘rewrite the code from scratch’.

David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails and Co-Founder of Basecamp, disagrees with Joel. Rewriting should be an option.  

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Free Business Videos. Over 200 hours of talks.

We exist to make to more bad ass in business. This means arming you with the knowledge to help you think differently and more efficient in your business. This also means by attending our conferences, you are able to meet the people who will help take your business to the next level.

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The Unicorn Bubble

It is not in the interests of any investors or entrepreneurs to talk about bubbles. They are too profitable for some. Besides, ‘this time it’s different‘, is the stock response to anyone who question the increasingly high valuations of some companies.

It is in everyone’s interests to understand the implications and what this means for other companies.

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The Introvert Guide to Networking

Picture the scene. You enter a room. The room has windows and doors, sometimes music and usually drinks. People fill this room, talking, smiling, and bunched in groups like a Roman Tortoise Shield formation.

This is no start to some mind-boggling brain teaser. No. This is something FAR worse. This is a networking event. Enough to send shivers down the spine of any self-respecting introvert.

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Business of Software Conference Europe 2015 Slides

Last week we took over Cambridge, UK for the second BoS Europe Conference Europe. As ever, the speakers produced a great show for those in attendance, delivering thought provoking presentations with software businesses in mind.

The slides from most of the presentations are here – with thanks to the speakers for permission to share the slides with the wider BoS Community.

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Footballer or Funding Round…?

Footballer or Funding Round…?

The numbers are mind boggling. The names can be confusing. Can you identify the footballers from the funding rounds? No Googling. Spot the odd one out. Just for fun…

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The BLN Money Back Promise

We have offered our guests a money back guarantee since we started in 2007. We are about building networks and nurturing relationships and some people don’t feel comfortable committing cash and time against an unknown quantity – despite the testimonials of previous participants. Fair enough. We also calculated that the value we would get back from someone that asks for a refund is huge. If someone cares enough to ask for their money back, they will have something useful to say to us and we want to hear about it.

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