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Effective Design for Connected Products | Martin Charlier at IoT Forum

Designing for connected products is different. To create a great connected product, industrial design, software UX and system design need to be considered in collaboration. Teams must think creatively to design elegant solutions around the limited capabilities of embedded devices.

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The British Gas Hive Story | Chris Beanland

Hive and British Gas – a Tale of Two Businesses

Chris Beanland, Head of New Products, Hive talks about the strategic rationale behind Hive, how they operate, get to market and the challenges of working as a small startup within a large corporation.

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Opportunties for entrepreneurs in Smart Cities | IoT Interenet of Things Forum

Rick Robinson gave a stunning, thoughtful, talk on Smart Cities, Design Patterns, Smart Urbanism and the anthropology of adoption.

This is one problem that Smart Cities must address: Life Expectancy at Birth & Child Poverty as a Tube Map

“Cities, countries, villages, whatever, have to be smart, not technology enabled. People focused, not technology led”

Translational thinking – massive amounts of small-scale innovation.

Too busy to blog! Will be a fantastic video though…

Slide Deck Here.

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